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 Corporate Design Preis 2016 | Award (Grand Prix)

Following its emergence from the Mainz-based BTEXX Group, the organisation and consulting portfolio for the BOLDLY GO INDUSTRIES brand were boldly reconceived. Within a period of just three months, we created and implemented a scalable digital brand design for the new consulting brand.

The new name provided the basis for strong, communicative motifs. In the design, basic components which are clear and minimalistic combined with a dynamic, responsive key visual achieve a foundation that enables the new corporate brand to communicate on a variety of channels. We also developed the new website and corporate presentation for the brand´s launch. wirDesign had previously created the BTEXX brand's corporate design.

New paths in digital worlds.

Boldly go Industries

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BOLDLY GO INDUSTRIES is a an explorer and trailblazer in innovation and technology. Strategy consultants, experience designers and data scientists join forces with their customers in interdisciplinary labs to develop agile smart services and business models in the fields of digital transformation and Industry 4.0.

The team at wirDesign provided creative excellence, a keen sense for communicative images and, not least, comprehensive project-management expertise. Many thanks for that from the entire BOLDLY GO INDUSTRIES team.

Corporate Design Award 2016

Grand Prix for wirDesign and BOLDLY GO INDUSTRIES  

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