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European Energy Exchange (EEX)

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The European Energy Exchange (EEX) is one of the leading energy trading centres in Europe and a constituent part of the EEX Group. At EEX, contracts for electricity, coal and emission rights, as well as commodities and agricultural products, are traded or registered for clearing.

Annual report
EEX Group

The business model and strategy, offers and services, perspectives and responsibility at European Energy Exchange AG are expounded by the board members in interviews and dialogues, followed up by facts and figures. In addition, eye-catching key indicators provide stimuli for exploring the content of the management report.

Annual report 2015

Growing into new dimensions

The 2015 report looks back at EEX's 15-year existence to date and at what has easily been its most successful financial year. What began as a local energy exchange is now much more than that: EEX is not only growing beyond energy trading, it is also becoming increasingly international in its scope. The EEX Group aims to enter every significant energy market in Europe and to serve as a one-stop shop for its trading participants. 2015 saw the consistent continuation of this policy which is reflected in the current report. The report includes a guest article by Maroš Šefčovič, Vice-President of the European Commission with responsibility for the Energy Union.

Annual report 2014


In a joint workshop, we developed the content of the 2014 annual report together with EEX. The report is aimed primarily at trading participants, partners, shareholders and multipliers.

EEX knows its customers down to the last detail – an absolute necessity if markets are to be developed further as part of a joint process. This cooperative spirit hinges on fruitful dialogue. The actual report is preceded by a 20-page strategy and image section. It is based on discussions involving all of the Management Board's members – accompanied by photographs taken during the conversations. A guest article is provided by German Federal Minister Sigmar Gabriel. Each article is supplemented by facts and figures.

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