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KWS Saat is a plant breeding and biotechnology company. The KWS Group is the world's fourth-largest seed producer by sales of agricultural crops and is active in over 70 countries with more than 5,500 employees.

Digital Home of the Brand



The new KWS BrandNet combines all elements and applications relating to corporate design in one place and makes working with the brand even easier, faster and more convenient.

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wirHub. Our brand management system for the brand.

As one of the leading brand agencies in Germany, we know how to lead companies into the digital future through modern brand management. That's why we have developed the "wirHub", an interactive brand portal that maximizes the consistency of brands while promoting their dynamic development.

The "wirHub" is a brand management system in which all knowledge, files and information about a brand can be made available. It is the digital home of the brand, enabling our customers to centrally manage their brand activities and distribute them worldwide. At the wirHub, navigation, features and user interface are geared towards the target group of marketing and designers and are constantly optimized according to UX aspects of these users. This ensures the highest possible level of acceptance and intuitive operation among users.

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