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Annual reports

Rational AG is a service provider and manufacturer of large-scale and industrial kitchen appliances for the thermal preparation of food.

Annual reports
Greater utility

The utmost imperative for RATIONAL AG is customer utility. Thanks to their absolute orientation towards the given situation regarding the local kitchens, their combination ovens are among the global market leaders or on the way there. Their annual reports tell this success story.

Annual report 2016

Ideas change the world

RATIONAL AG has uncompromisingly remained true to a single idea for 40 years: combining steam and hot air within a single appliance and thereby making the chefs' work easier. The Annual Report 2016 shows how product innovations come about by way of identifying and analysing the customer's needs and any shortages that may arise in practice.


Entirely in the sense of good dialogue with the customer, the report is edited like an entertaining magazine with the technically precise and emotionally powerful means of the new corporate designs.

A delicious annual report.

Annual report 2015

Successful all over the world thanks to customer utility

This focus likewise applies to the Annual Report 2015. Five stories are told on the basis of five markets – about kitchens and people who are about as diverse as they can get. The star in all this is the food – be it in the German commercial kitchen, the Swedish top restaurant or the American school canteen. Here, true stories show how »the RATIONAL« makes a real difference. 

Award »Der beste Geschäftsbericht« 2016

With atmospheric visual worlds from five countries and accessible texts that tell of the charm of their protagonists, the success story of a German company is told virtually in passing from Landsberg am Lech.

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