Screen design & CD adaption 
Consistent brand experience

Just like the Volkswagen Group's automobile brands, its financial services also follow a systematic single-brand strategy. As well as continuous corporate-design adaptation and documentation, we are responsible for maintaining a coherent brand experience.

This means adapting the financial service providers' brand presences to those of the individual brands – in conformity with the respective CD, clearly structured and user-optimised.

Development & programming
One-stop shop for
technology and design

We have developed and programmed the brand-specific prototypes for the financial-services websites of the car brands within the VW group – including Bentley, Porsche, Seat, Škoda, Ducati and the AutoEuropa Bank. We also programmed an XHTML click dummy for entering content into the CMS.

Automobile brand environments on the Internet.

Volkswagen Financial Services (VWFS)

Screen design · CD adaption · programming

Volkswagen Financial Services AG is a globally active financial services provider that operates within the Volkswagen Group and its subsidiaries. We have already realised numerous projects and solutions for the company.

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