wirDesign communication AG

Our mission lies in creating strong brands
that shine from within.
The secret of these, in turn, resides in truths whose
substance we bring out into the light as a team.


We are treasure hunters at heart.

Treasure hunters since 1982 – independent, owner-run, healthily grown

Today, the team consists of more than 60 colleagues in Berlin and Braunschweig.

The right blend of experience, innovation and practical expertise.

Our focus is on making corporate brands successful.

We call it: Corporate Brand Solutions.
Everything is at stake. Even with the smaller assignments.
Keeping everyone and everything in mind,
managing holistically, realisation down to the last detail.

We are outstanding in these areas.


Constantly in the top 10 rankings for CI / CD agencies.

The world in the frame. We are globally connected through our partner agencies Total Identity and Expotechnik.

Many of our long-term customer relationships, lasting up to 20 years, are the result of our successful collaboration.

When out on our mission for the brand, we work in a transparent, participatory and effective way – and above all with a great deal of enjoyment.

The spirit of “We” is right there in our name.