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The Digital Home of the Brand

The interactive brand portal KWS BrandNet brings

together all the brand-related elements and applications

in one place and makes working with it even

easier, faster and more convenient.

KWS – Brand Management

Plant Breeding & Biotechnology

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Brand Management System
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KWS is one of the world's leading plant breeders and seed producers. A new brand management system was to reduce implementation hurdles, enable easy access and offer useful tools for everyday work. The brand portal was to evolve from a CI manual to a smart digital toolbox with added value, thus meet the requirements of modern corporate design. 

Instead of a descriptive design bible, we established an intuitive brand management system for KWS: our wirHub. 

Everyone who works with the brand can access this brand portal at any time and from anywhere in the world. In addition to the essential base elements, various tools can be found here that simplify the handling of the brand to the maximum. 

This enables employees to give free rein to their ideas while remaining consistent within the design elements. 

The new brand portal sees itself as a participation platform and is geared to the different needs of users, from internal users to print service providers and communications agencies, with offerings tailored to specific target groups. 


Digital brand portal

Home of the brand

The wirHub also helps to connect employees. Regardless of where they are located, access to a common platform not only facilitates workflow, but also improves communication. 

»BrandNet is not only a central point of contact for all topics related to brand and brand design, but also offers our colleagues around the world a host of new and useful tools for their daily work, such as the Posting Generator, the Icon Library or the Logo Generator. The platform is increasingly helping to establish a uniform understanding as well as strengthen the international exchange of knowledge.«

Anke Hahlbrock, Expert Brand Management KWS Saat 

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