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No you, no we

With us you get teamwork instead of silo mentality,

eye level experiences instead of hierarchies and

trust instead of control.


And what do we get from you?

We are constantly on the lookout for new ideas.
And they don't come from nowhere, but from bright minds and good cooperation. Sounds familiar? Then take a look at our vacancies or send us an unsolicited application. We are looking forward to it.

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Andrea Storch

Andrea Storch
People & Culture
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Swarm intelligence trumps boss attitude.

Top-down and silo thinking are yesterday’s news. We live consistent collegiality and collaborative cooperation. Our self-organised, hierarchy-free teams, which are tailored to the needs of our clients, act in an agile and unbureaucratic manner and thus achieve results more quickly.

To ensure that we are always on the same wavelength, we have set down the cornerstones of our collaboration in the form of principles. Just like us, they are constantly evolving.

To our principles

At wirDesign we are culture enthusiasts

Unfortunately, culture in agencies is often only what remains when you leave out the colourful pictures. At wirDesign it's different. The exact opposite, in fact. Because for us, the focus is on people. We firmly believe that value creation begins with appreciation. 



To our kununu reviews.

Our principles

  • We trust each other

    Our view of human beings is characterised by a great trust. This creates a self-responsible and self-organised cooperation - and the greatest possible freedom for all of us.

  • We are better together

    Teamwork and co-creation with clients are an important part of our DNA. Our colleagues who work together for and with clients form teams based on partnership. Because: when each individual plays an important role, we are better together.

  • We know the client and the market

    The goals we strive for, are determined by the client and the market. Understanding the needs of our clients and being aware of current developments is part of our job.

  • We are reliable

    We keep our word and stick to agreements. We live up to our responsibility - alone or by distributing it across the team.

  • We are moving forward

    When we have an idea, we try it out, apply it and if it works well, we develop our ideas further. 

  • We do not decide alone

    If we are unsure, we ask colleagues and apply our consultation principle. We consult beyond team boundaries and use swarm intelligence.

  • We are transparent

    We are transparent about information that is or could become relevant for us designers.

  • We act at eye level

    Our roles within the teams are determined by the respective tasks and the competences in the team, including the leadership role. We work with each other as equals, no one has authority to issue directives.

  • We are constructive

    We address any conflicts or disagreements that arise promptly. We always combine criticism with a constructive proposal for a solution.

  • We remain curious

    We increase our knowledge across team and company boundaries by asking questions, actively sharing, asking, helping, and working together.