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Know more. Act better.

Civey is the companion in transformation.

From positioning to design, all aspects now correspond to the identity of the tech company for digital market and opinion research.

Civey – Brand Strategy and Branding

Market and opinion research

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Civey stands for Citizen Survey. The tech company collects and connects data in real time and derives well-founded conclusions from it. In the future, Civey will focus even more on customer consulting in transformation issues. The strategic positioning is reflected in the brand strategic realignment. The new brand identity manages to reach Civey's diverse target groups with a meaningful branding.

Civey Social Media Post Beispiele wirDesign

»Together with wirDesign we have strategically reflected and repositioned ourselves. Structured and confident, we went through this process together, step by step. Our new orientation is now clearly visible in the visuals and in the communication. We are very happy!«


Janina Mütze
Founder and Managing Director of Civey

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The modern, clearly defined and barrier-free colour concept supports the brand in any application: from social media to charts and graphics.

From data to knowledge – from knowledge to action

Civey sees itself as a companion in transformation processes and supports its clients in making the right decisions based on complex data. The claim sums up the positioning as a "transformational guide": Know more. Act better. It challenges, inspires and motivates: as a drive for Civey itself and as a promise to its clients and panellists.


Brand design represents Civey's dynamism

The design connects the humanistic and technical parts of the brand: through the dynamic design language, the approachable imagery and the combination of round and technical forms of typography.

The key visual represents the fluid process steps - from data to insights, from insights to decisions and from decisions to the impact moment. In this way, Civey's role as a transformational guide becomes visible for its clients.

»Civey accompanies everyone who wants to make a difference - and we don't stand still either. Our new brand identity expresses what we stand for, from data collection to advising our clients: We explain, categorise and accompany a country that is facing huge transformation processes. Or in the words of our new claim: Know more. Act better«

Judith Klose
Vice President Media & Marketing Civey

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