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How Bosch explains its corporate design

Quick tutorials and webinars for Bosch
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Bosch uses a modular training programme to break down learning content around brand and corporate design into easily digestible units and present them to learners in a structured and engaging way. In this context, Quick Tutorials and webinars are particularly efficient and flexible educational formats. Each of these formats offers unique benefits to achieve specific learning objectives and optimise the learning experience for Bosch associates and creative service providers.

Quick Tutorials

Quick Tutorials are compact, concise learning modules that focus on specific topics or tasks, such as the Bosch Layout Principle, the Bosch Colour World or the Bosch Brand Guide. Animated short videos and illustrations visualise the content. Due to their brevity, Quick Tutorials enable a time-saving and targeted transfer of knowledge. Users can quickly absorb relevant information and put it directly into practice. The modular structure allows employees to combine individual tutorials as needed and to design individual learning paths.




Webinars, on the other hand, offer the opportunity to interact live with trainers and actively participate in the exchange of knowledge. They allow complex topics, such as the general application of corporate design, to be covered in detail, thus enabling a deep understanding of the topic. 

The interactive nature of the webinars allows participants to ask questions, engage in discussions and benefit from the experience of the trainers and other participants.


Advantages of the modular training programme for Bosch 

Flexibility: The learning process can be adapted to one’s own needs and schedules.

Continuous learning: The modular training programme promotes continuous learning, as employees can regularly work through small units without being overwhelmed by extensive learning sessions.

Efficiency: Quick Tutorials and webinars offer Bosch associates an efficient way of imparting knowledge, as they focus on specific content and reduce it to the essentials.

Active learning: The interactive elements in the webinars promote active learning among associates and increase their engagement in the training process.

Overall, the Quick Tutorials and webinars enable a contemporary and effective learning experience that adapts to the needs and requirements of Bosch associates.


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Nicole Kuderer

Nicole Kuderer

Creative Direction