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Bosch: Optimising the Corporate Design

Since 2018, wirDesign has been developing the brand identity of the Bosch brand. As the lead agency, we work in close cooperation with the corporate design team of Robert Bosch GmbH and other agencies.

Bosch Corporate Case wirDesign

Bosch – sharpening the brand through corporate design evolution


Optimisation of symbol/logotype
and brand codes
Icon library
Design principle
Illustration style
Brand portal and guidelines
Visual communication
International design support and training
Collaboration with other business areas

A professional, consistent brand identity for Bosch: We have created a clean, digital »look & feel« across all touchpoints combined with  positive user and brand experience. This way, we strengthen the perception of Bosch as a leading AIoT company.


Together, a substantially simplified corporate design was created, the »Bosch Brand Guide« and all its style guides and touchpoints were revised. We reviewed and refined individual brand codes and optimised them for accessibility or digital representations.


We are the global point of contact for design training for beginners, advanced designers and specialists and provide corporate design support for all Bosch employees and creative service providers, as well as Bosch Power Tools Professional and Bosch Power Tools Home & Garden.


From 3D to 2D. Optimised for consistent use across all digital and analogue touchpoints.

Bosch Corporate Case wirDesign
Bosch Corporate Case wirDesign
Bosch Corporate Case wirDesign
Bosch Corporate Case wirDesign
Bosch Corporate Case wirDesign
Bosch Corporate Case wirDesign

Living Imagery

From product presentation to the staging of living environments.

Bosch Corporate Case wirDesign

Illustration style

Many more opportunities to tell stories.

Bosch-corporate-case-illustrationen-slider_01 Bosch-corporate-case-illustrationen-slider_02 Bosch-corporate-case-illustrationen-slider_03 Bosch-corporate-case-illustrationen-slider_04 Bosch-corporate-case-illustrationen-slider_05 Bosch-corporate-case-illustrationen-slider_06 Bosch-corporate-case-illustrationen-slider_07 Bosch-corporate-case-illustrationen-slider_08 Bosch-corporate-case-illustrationen-slider_09 Bosch-corporate-case-illustrationen-slider_10 Bosch-corporate-case-illustrationen-slider_11 Bosch-corporate-case-illustrationen-slider_12 Bosch-corporate-case-illustrationen-slider_13 Bosch-corporate-case-illustrationen-slider_14
Bosch Corporate Case wirDesign


Technology for life. Designed to be barrier-free.


Bosch Brand Guide

User-centric, simple, helpful:

The central point of contact for the brand.

Bosch Corporate Case wirDesign
case Bosch  wirDesign_Print
case Bosch  wirDesign_Moving Images
case Bosch  wirDesign_PoerPoint
case Bosch  wirDesign_Data Visualition
case Bosch  wirDesign_Keyvisuals
case Bosch  wirDesign_Give-aways
case Bosch  wirDesign_Stationery and office supplies
case Bosch  wirDesign_Packaging
case Bosch  wirDesign_Product Design
case Bosch  wirDesign_Clothing
case Bosch  wirDesign_Social Media
case Bosch  wirDesign_Trade Fair Events
case Bosch  wirDesign_Locaton Design
case Bosch  wirDesign_Dealer Identification
case Bosch  wirDesign_Vehicles