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The unmistakable visual appearance

of Bosch Power Tools Professional

strengthens the brand at all touchpoints.

Bosch Power Tools Bildstil

Bosch Power Tools Professional –
Commu­nication Design

Power Tools

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We optimized the communication design of Bosch Power Tools Professional with the goal to be perceived more vividly in the international market and to persist as a powerful »blue« brand alongside the competition. »BLUE. BOLD. AUTHENTIC.« as well as our »Leading by Brand« approach were taken as an opportunity to revise all touchpoints.

The result: The unmistakable visual appearance of Bosch Power Tools Professional. 

Bosch Power Tools Blue Tint

Visual style

The Blue Tint

The implementation of the »Blue Tint« is a crucial part of the revised communication design.
The concise visual style shows the values of the brand and strengthens its differentiation when set alongside the competition.

Verregneter Arbeitsplatz Bosch Power Tools Professional
Produktwelt Bosch Power Tool Professional
Bauaarbeiter Bosch Power Tools Professional

Design principle

Flexible, simple, across media

The Robert Bosch GmbH is the foundation of the design principle. All design elements have been simplified and made more flexible. The »PRO Blue 100« is used two-dimensionally, giving the brand its characteristic look.

Designprinzip Bosch Power Tools Professional
Produktplatzierung Bosch Power Tools Professional
Magazin Design Bosch Power Tool Professional
Anwendungen Bosch Power Tools Professional

Illustration library

With recognition value.

A concise illustration style, based on the illustrations of the Robert Bosch GmbH, was adapted to the motifs of Bosch Power Tools Professional.

Illustrationsbibliothek Bosch Power Tools Professional

Brand Guide

Guidance instead of guidelines

In addition to revising all touchpoints, we have created our own comprehensive brand guide for Power Tools within the Bosch brand guide and are constantly expanding it.