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KWS BrandNet: Brand portal update and activation campaign

KWS BrandNet: Update of the brand portal and activation campaign
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The interactive brand portal KWS BrandNet is based on the wirHub developed by wirDesign and can do a lot more than the name might suggest. It’s a digital reference guide, a source of inspiration, full of smart tools and, following an extensive update, is now even faster and easier to use. Together with the KWS Brand Management Team that is exactly what we relayed to all employees as part of an activation campaign, inviting them to explore and get to know the possibilities offered by the new KWS BrandNet.


KWS piqued their employees’ interest at many different touchpoints to bring attention to the KWS BrandNet: from a tray cover in the cafeteria, stickers and table displays, articles on the intranet and in the internal employee magazine to a digital stele on which a video encouraged them to visit the brand portal. Rounded off by the offer to attend the monthly webinar introducing the BrandNet. The common goal: to make the new KWS BrandNet the "talk of the day" and attract more users.


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The »KWS brand and much more« Net

The KWS BrandNet has been the digital home of the brand since 2019. The activation campaign does away with the alleged bias that the brand portal is only of interest to colleagues from marketing and explains that the BrandNet is really intended for everyone who has any point of contact with the KWS brand. Internally, but also externally. Why? Because you can find all brand-related content here. Always up to date, anywhere in the world. But the BrandNet is not just a reference guide, it is full of helpful tools that make everyday work much easier.


The »Read, understand, do« Net

The KWS BrandNet holds all the knowledge about the KWS brand and its  look. Clearly laid out and explained in a way that anyone and everyone can understand. From the essential brand values, the architecture of the various KWS brands to the employer brand. At the same time, many application examples show how to optimally implement the KWS Corporate Design. Users will find all the basic elements, such as logo, slogan, colours, fonts and graphics in one place. In addition, the BrandNet also features the current KWS campaigns and provides all related media for download. There are also lots of helpful templates (e.g., for PowerPoint) which make it much easier to create presentations - and at the same time guarantee a consistent KWS brand image.



The »Wow, that works here too!?« Net

Speaking of simplification: the KWS BrandNet offers a wide range of tools that help users save valuable time and do not require a long training period. For example, the Icon Library: it has a huge selection of icons and illustrations available for download. With File Transfer, large amounts of data can be sent easily and securely. And the Media Creator can automatically create the right post for Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn from images and text. But you can also generate the right logo-slogan combination and QR codes and be inspired by campaign examples from the KWS world.



The »Now even better« Net

The KWS BrandNet has now been upgraded and has improved further, both visually and in terms of usability. The three new areas Learn, Experience and Create provide more clarity and a clear structure. With this in mind, the navigation has also been reworked and made even more user-friendly. In addition, there are new features, such as the Favourites and Share functions, which enable quick access and sharing of content in no time at all. Also new: the moving image editor Papirfly. With this tool, users can easily edit movies for a wide variety of occasions by themselves.

Make Tools. Not Rules

Strong brands need innovative brand management. With wirHub, we have implemented an interactive brand portal as »Software as a Service«. The wirHub includes a wide range of helpful functions to manage brands efficiently and effectively. Whether designers, sales staff or marketing managers: Intelligent tools help to manage and design communication media.

The wirHub is much more than a design bible: it simplifies complex things and explains contexts. Automated applications allow measures to be implemented easily and efficiently worldwide, while simultaneously exciting employees for brand management.

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Anita Lüder-Bugiel

Anita Lüder-Bugiel