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Volkswagen Financial Services – value creation through appreciation

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Close and interdisciplinary cooperation is essential for managing brands in transition. It is precisely this special closeness that characterises the teamwork with our client Volkswagen Financial Services (VW FS). The foundation for our constructive and successful cooperation: focused consulting, interdisciplinary perspectives and communication at eye level. And this has been the case for over 15 years.

Dirk Immetsberger, Senior Manager Brand Strategy at VW FS, says:
»A living brand is never finished. Our global presence also constantly presents us with new challenges. That's why we need a partner who knows exactly where we come from and what makes us tick. With wirDesign at our side, we develop the ideas and solutions of tomorrow that also suit us today – strategically sound and operationally feasible.«

Britta Grigat, Art Director of wirDesign, adds: »What makes me personally particularly happy is that we combine the creation of value for the VW FS brand with mutual appreciation in the team. Customers become colleagues. This work at eye level feels really good. Especially because we tackle the very different tasks of the international markets and brands of VW FS together. So in the end, everything is possible.« 

Every new project is an impetus to question the effects on other tasks and trades and to discover synergies. Everything is closely interlinked: internally and externally, both the topics and the colleagues. Only in a thorough understanding of the communicative connections can new potentials for the brand be discovered. In this way, tasks change and solutions are found that no one had thought of before. 

Karin Eissing, Market Research and Brand Communication: »Creativity can easily get lost in everyday business. By exchanging ideas with wirDesign, we gain new perspectives for our day-to-day business and come up with pragmatic solutions for the application of our corporate design in practice. In addition, we also like to get fresh impulses in the public wirDesign Meetups such as Brands & Bytes or the Corporate Design Workshop.« 

Interdisciplinary collaboration and inspiration, as well as a respectful culture of discussion, are key to agile brand management. We are convinced that the best results can only be achieved as a team. Together, we have the brand's origins in mind, can manage the present in an agile way and develop a clear goal for the future. 

Thank you, VW FS. 
Thank you, dear team. 


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Elke Lüders

Elke Lüders

Business Development